DSM Main website

This website is designed for shopping purposes. It is currently under construction until our groundbreaking shopping software is fully developed.

For new members signing up, click the three lines located at the top right corner of the website to open the main menu. Then, choose "Signup" if you want to register or "Login" if you are already a member and wish to log in.

After signing up, you will receive a temporary password to log in along with the username you used during registration. You will use these two credentials to log in.

Once you log in to this site, you will be directed to your Profile page. There, you will find your bio data, your Running Founding Membership Ratio, which will be used to share 10% of DSM's monthly revenues and 20% of the company's shareholding in DSM subsidiary companies worldwide, and your personal invitation link under the "Invite others" field.

To the right of the Profile menu, you will find the REFERRALS menu, where you can view your direct referrals, the WALLET menu, which displays your earned DSPs (1 for joining, 1 for each invitee in your network of referrals up to 10 generations deep), and the DSPs you have purchased. You can also access the BUY DSP menu to purchase additional DSPs and the PRODUCTS and SERVICES menu, which are still under construction until the DSM shopping software is ready to go.