DSM Partners website

This website explains about our business model, our Founding Membership opportunities, and our Tokenomics.

At DSM, we redefine your online shopping experience by seamlessly blending cutting-edge blockchain technology with the ease of e-commerce. Our platform offers a groundbreaking shopping adventure, combining security, innovation, and unprecedented rewards.

Digital Shopping Point (DSP): Where Exclusive Shopping Unfolds

DSP, exclusively reserved for our members, harnesses the power of advanced pre-ordering technology fueled by DSP and blockchain's smart contracts. This technological synergy enables savings of over 99%, disrupting traditional retail prices. DSM's tokenomics, designed to steadily increase DSP's value, empowers members to pre-order products at values significantly lower than market prices—up to 100 times lower.

Unlock Opportunities with DSM's Ad Revenue Sharing Program

Our Ad Revenue Sharing Program distributes revenue from Digital Shopping Mall ad earnings across multiple contributor levels:

  • Content Creators (40%): Earn a generous 40% of ad revenue generated on content shared in their Streams.
  • Sponsors of Content Creators (10% - 1%): Earn 10% of ad revenue from directly invited partners and 1% on levels 2 to 10 partners.
  • Ad Purchase Sharing (10% - 1%): Direct sponsors of ad purchasers earn 10% commissions, with levels 2 to 10 sponsors earning 1% each.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with Premium Services

Our Premium Services Program offers lucrative commissions:

  • Direct Sponsors (20%): Earn 20% commissions on premium service buyers. Levels 2 to 10 sponsors earn 2% each.

Endorsement/Recommendation Commissions: A New Path to Passive Income

Engage actively by recommending products/services. Earn 30% of the deal margin, distributed among endorsers (50%), their Level 1 inviter (25%), and Level 2 to Level 10 endorsers' inviters (25%). No recruitment needed, and payments cease at $100,000 per deal.

Product/Service Purchase Commissions: Maximize Earnings with Every Purchase

Benefit collectively from 30% of the deal margin:

  • Purchaser's Level 1 Sponsor (25%)
  • Purchaser's Level 1 Inviter (25%)
  • Levels 2 to 10 Purchaser's Sponsors (25%)
  • Levels 2 to 10 Purchaser's Inviters (25%)

Even without a personal invitation link, purchases contribute to sponsorship and invitation commissions.