Welcome to one of the greatest projects of our time

This is intended to acquaint you with the Digital Shopping Mall (DSM) project and its network of websites.

We are constructing two distinctive business models that, when combined, will transform DSM into the greatest business model of all time.

The first one is our Social Media Hub, which is going to share revenues with its members using its unique affiliate business model 10 generations deep. This will give DSM Social Hub an edge over big players in the social media industry like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., that share their revenues only with influencers.

You don't need to be an influencer to share ad revenues with DSM Social Hub. You will be paid 40% of ad revenues generated on your Stream without any minimum traffic criteria. Additionally, you will receive 10% of ad revenues generated on the Streams of your direct referrals and 1% of ad revenues generated on the Streams of your indirect referrals from Level 2 to Level 10. This means that even if you are unable to generate enough ad revenue share from your own content shared on your Stream, you will still be able to earn ad revenue share through our affiliate program by inviting people. Just one significant influencer landing in your network of referrals 10 levels deep will enable you to earn a handsome monthly ad revenue share as long as the referral is actively engaging in DSM Social Hub. 

The other business model, which is the primary one, is our groundbreaking shopping technology powered by Digital Shopping Points (DSP) and our Hyperledger Besu private blockchain technology. This game-changer software will empower our members to slash prevailing market prices of products and services by up to 100 times less. Our groundbreaking recommendation commissions paid to members who have suggested products and services to be added to DSM for shopping, along with purchase commissions paid using our affiliate program 10 generations deep, will amplify the value provided by our shopping technology and make DSM unstoppable.

The synergy of the values added by our main two business models explained above will be phenomenal.

Our network of websites

Once you signup on DSM, your credentials will be used to login to all the network of websites under the DSM umbrella.